The Amazon Fox Will Help You Do Better Shopping

amazon-foxThe Amazon Fox will help you do better shopping. For people who still do not know what to do with the Amazon Alexa in their house, maybe they will be capable to find a purpose for it once the system is in their hand or bag.

Amazon’s Echo, the somewhat funny speaker, which also acts as a virtual assistant, has received a series of opinions that are generally positive. This favorable user feedback has made the giant online store to expand it, not only for vehicles or refrigerators, but also for portable gadgets.

Nicknamed “Fox”, the mobile edition of Echo is expected to arrive during the next month. This may be the company’s more official bid to turn Alexa into a more popular rival for the other personal assistants in the market, like Cortana or Siri.

When Echo was first released, no one except its creators knew exactly what purposes it could have. Since then, Amazon was capable to increase its theoretical applications with new functions.

More than being only a shopping helper or loading audio files, Alexa has been modified to be an actual powerful opponent, providing weather information, traffic reviews, cafe suggestions and many other useful details.

The company has also begun rolling out Alexa to other gadgets besides Amazon Echo. Only last days, Amazon presented its collaboration with Ford aimed to add assistance for Alexa on the auto producer’s SYNC system.

People have also noticed Triby once more at CES, the initial third gadget system to incorporate Amazon’s virtual assistant. The main issues with all these ideas is that are stationary items that stay connected to a fixed place, like walls, a fridge door or cars.

However, Fox will be the portable version of Echo, according to sources in the company. It may still have a cylindrical shape like its predecessor, but this device will be compact enough to use it with your hands. It will not always be switched on like Echo, so it must be activated by pressing a key.

It is a necessary bargain to preserve battery power, since it will not have to be connected to a charger either. Despite the previous model’s moderate success, an improved system like Fox could still represent a risk for Amazon.

Its last portable gadget, the infamous Fire smart hone, was a predictable catastrophe that even made the online store to pull out its gadget, causing people who bought it to lose money and reducing its user hardware plans.

Of course, the company’s representatives do not want comment on these rumors, so fans and experts will have to see if Amazon truly thinks that its Alexa VA is powerful enough to launch it on the market.

Image source: Uncrate