Thailand Officials Put Fat Monkey on Diet

Fat monkey

A fat monkey in Thailand was put on a diet after eating junk food from tourists

Thailand wildlife officials caught a morbidly obese monkey and put it on a strict diet to help it lose weight. The wild monkey, nicknamed Uncle Fat, had eaten junk food leftovers from tourists and reached 60 pounds. After the rescue, he switched to healthier food, including vegetables, fruits, and lean proteins.

Wildlife officials went on a mission to help the monkey lose weight

Last month, social media was flooded with photos of the fat monkey taken by tourists. After analyzing the situation, Thai officials decided to rescue him and bring him back to a normal weight. Most monkeys weigh around 20 pounds, but Uncle Fat weighs more than double.

There are certain areas in Thailand where wild monkeys can roam free. They are peaceful, so they attract many tourists who want to feed them or play with them. Unfortunately, they don’t always know what food a monkey should eat, so the junk food they left behind turned out harmful.

Kacha Phukem is the official who led the rescue mission which took place on April 27th. He declared that it was not easy to capture Uncle Fat, who was a pack leader. Therefore, he had to fight other monkeys with sticks until he managed to catch the obese macaque.

Junk food put him at risk of heart disease and diabetes

Other monkeys brought food for him, but he also distributed it among younger members of the pack. This unhealthy diet brought him into a weak condition, and he is now exposed to a high risk of developing diabetes or heart disease.

Veterinarian Supakarn Kaewchot put it on a strict diet which involves eating 400 grams of lean proteins, vegetables, and fruit twice a day. In a few months, he hopes Uncle Fat will be able to return to the wilderness.

He advises people not to feed the monkeys such food, as it might turn out extremely dangerous for them. Junk food is entirely man-made, so it cannot provide all the substances necessary for the organism.
Image Source: Pixabay