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Google Glasses Are Back from the Dead with the First Update in Three Years

Google Glasses Are Back from the Dead with the First Update in Three Years

The controversial Google Glasses might have faced much criticism over the years, but the owners are not planning to give them up. Therefore, the infamous smart glasses will receive the first update in three years, showing that they aren’t nearly as dead as people thought them to be. The update fixes bugs and makes the


YouTube Takes Steps to Control Online Terrorism

Immediately after Facebook had launched their AI-powered mechanism to control online extremism, YouTube announced they also want to take serious measured to deal with terrorism. The company collaborated with governments and law agencies, and developed a system to detect harmful content and remove it from its website. Four steps to control terrorism on YouTube Kent

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Canada Says No To Locked Phones

This month, mobile phone users has had some good news to celebrate. After Europe outlawed roaming charges across the union, now Canadian regulators barred carriers from locking mobile phones and demanding unlocking fees from their customers. Starting Dec. 1, all handsets sold in Canada must be unlocked. Also, telecoms will be no longer allowed to


Gearbox Launches Battleborn as a Free-To-Play Title

Gearbox Software have prepared Battleborn fans a surprise, and will offer them a Free Trial online version of the game. This might help with bringing Battleborn the praise it deserved and failed to receive, due to the bad timing of its release. Unfortunately for the game, its launched was overshadowed by the much popular Overwatch.

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Trademark Application Hints at Nintendo Theme Park

Nintendo might be preparing a huge surprise for fans of all ages. Recently, they have filed an application for a trademark for the name Super Nintendo World. Although they haven’t revealed much about it, the company might be preparing to build a theme park in collaboration with Universal. Trademark application for a Nintendo theme park