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IBM building in Amsterdam.

IBM Is Developing The World’s Smallest Computer

IBM Is Developing The World’s Smallest Computer

American tech company, IBM, is currently working on a tiny computer, one that can easily slip through a salt shaker. Its minuscule size has purpose however as it can help prevent smuggling counterfeit drugs, gadgets, and money. The multinational company announced the new computer on Monday at its Think conference. According to IBM, the microcomputer will

Bitcoin cryptocurrency.

Google Will Ban All Cryptocurrency, ICO Ads Starting From June

Google announced that it will ban all cryptocurrencies and binary options adverts in an attempt to weed out any forms of speculative financial instruments, the company announced on Wednesday. Google Director of Sustainable Ads, Scott Spencer, said in a blog post that the company has updated its policies as to address ads in “unregulated or

Hands holding smartphone.

Your Smartphone Will Soon Be Childproof Thanks To New Algorithm

Whether you’re a parent, kindergarten teacher, or are just in a situation where there are lots of toddlers around, you know that it’s hard to keep your phone out of their reach.  Researchers believe they have figured out how to prevent children from accessing your smartphone. The method involves a newly developed age-detecting algorithm that

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More and More Governments Aiming for Facebook User Data (Report)

Facebook has recently released it’s annual “transparency report,” in which it details (among other things) the requests received by the social media company for private user information made by various governments from around the world between January and July of the year in question. Year after year, the company has reported a 20% plus growth in