Teacher Arrested For Child Pornography Possession


A Polk County police sting caught nine individuals accused of possessing child pornography

A Polk County police sting caught nine individuals accused of possessing child pornography, investigators said. Juan Berrios, aged 64, was arrested after a Sherriff from the Computer Crimes Unit served a search warrant at his house in Kissimmee. Berrios worked as a first-grade teacher for Polk County Schools over the last nine years.

Investigators received a tip that Berrios, previously a teacher in Massachusetts and Puerto Rico had put online pornographic images of children from three to six years old.

Upon a home search, deputies found pornographic images on his computer, depicting children as young as eight months old. He was charged with 35 enhanced counts of possessing child pornography.

Berrios, who had been working for the Palmetto Elementary School since 2009, was suspended without pay. Superintendent Jacqueline M Byrd will recommend his firing, during the July 26 board meeting.Byrd has also stated that the allegations against the employee are disturbing and acting like that is not tolerable.

During the sting, eight more people were arrested:

Siul Pastor, 31 years-old, from Lake Wales, is a former Polk County Sheriff’s office control officer. He was charged with three counts of possessing child pornography. Video files with children were found on his computer. He resigned from the Sheriff’s Office, following the arrest.

Robert “Garry” Willis, 70, from Davenport, is a married electrical engineer, now retired. He used to work for Lockheed Martin. Detectives have received information that he was using a file sharing program to disseminate pornography depicting children between 7 and ten years old. He was arrested and charged with promoting and possessing child porn.

Kevin Nazzaro, 52, from Davenport, is a cook at a Disney’s facility. He was accused of uploading porn involving children between 8 and 11 years old.

Thursk Seepersad, aged 27, from Lakeland, is a Navy veteran. He served between 2006 and 2011. Detectives say he was found with child pornography after a police search on his computer.

Guillermo “Will” Torres III, 29, from Lakeland, works in a bakery. Detectives searched his home computer and reported finding 100 files containing child pornography, one with a child only 18 months old.

Angel Rivera-Maldonado, from Auburndale, works in housekeeping at a Disney facility. Detectives found many child porn files on his computer.

Terry Drawdy, 46, from Lakeland, was accused of having sexual conversations with a 15-year-old girl on Facebook. She sent him nude images of herself. He was arrested for seducing a child.

James Ballone, 53, of Bartow, owns a cleaning service. Detectives found many files containing child porn on his computer.

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