T-Mobile New Features Identify or Block Scam Calls

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T-Mobile users can now identify or block scam calls

Do scam calls bother you and make you frustrated? T-Mobile came up with a solution. They announced they would bring two new features which would help their users minimize the chances of getting scam calls.

Many mobile phone users get frustrated when they receive calls from an unknown number. In some of the cases, the calls actually come from people you know who have changed their number. Most of the times, unfortunately, these are from spam callers, and they could be quite unpleasant.

Identifying or blocking scam calls

This is why T-Mobile wanted to ease the life of their users. Their first feature is called Scam ID. This analyzes the number and informs users if the incoming call might be a scam. The second feature is Scam Block. This allows users to block scam calls completely from ever reaching their phone.

These features are built using a patent-pending technology, and it is integrated directly into the advanced network. This allows for the features to work for all users and on all phones within T-Mobile’s network.

Using an integrated patent technology

T-Mobile explained how these features works. As soon as a number reaches their system, they quickly analyze it using the incorporated technology. It compares the number with their huge database of already known scam number. Thus, it is likely to predict if it will represent a spam call or not.

Their scam number database is updated in real time. As an unknown number enters within the network, they analyze it and establish if it has to enter the database or not. The Spam ID and Spam Block features are already live and available. However, only ONE account subscribers can activate it at the moment.

Spam ID and Spam Block will be available for the other T-Mobile users starting April 5th. The service is free, and T-Mobile encourages all users and subscribers to give it a try. To activate Scam ID, you have to dial #664#, and #632# to deactivate it. The codes for Scam Block are #663# for activation, and #787# for deactivation.

This new technology is useful, since many mobile users are bothered by spam callers. Now, T-Mobile allows them to spot such calls or block them even before they could reach them.
Image Source: Wikimedia Commons