Symphony Of Black Holes Discovered

black hole pulling in matter

The Universe is a constant amazement source for scientists. NASA has recently discovered a symphony of black holes.

The Universe is a constant amazement source for scientists. NASA has recently discovered a symphony of black holes. Until now, nobody had any idea what those powerful x-ray sounds detected by telescopes were.

NuSTAR helped this NASA achievement come true. NuSTAR is a Nuclear Spectroscopic Telescope Array. In other words, it’s a machine which NASA uses to detect black holes which give out powerful x-rays. The black hole concert which gave out the x-ray sounds was discovered by scientists at the California Institute of Technology,

Daniel Stern,  project scientist, stated that the stellar choir still has its mysteries, like if it’s made of many, small singers, or fewer but with more powerful vocals. Now, astronomers can begin to understand black holes in depth and answer some of the burning questions about these.

The X-ray observatory found out that these black holes were infact producing the mysterious sounds. It also found out what exactly causes these concerts – they happen when the black holes suck in their surroundings.

Before these high-definition telescopes, NASA astronomers could only assume what gave the strange, high-pitched sounds. Now we know they are the “voices” of black holes.

It has been long thought that black holes are sources of radiation which emit them throughout the universe. Recently, scientists have analyzed 35 percent of the high-energy x-rays, compared to previously analyzing just about 2 percent. They found that black holes make those strange noises, which can be compared to high-pitched voices.

Those strange pulsating x-rays have been the source of many theories, including alien life. Astronomers now have more clues to understanding the process, but other interesting theories emerge.

The results of these analyses will lead to scientists understanding how supermassive black holes evolve in time. This in turn affects the growth and evolution of galaxies. For example, the black hole which exists in the middle of our Milky Way galaxy is latent now, but in the past, it sucked in gas and matter and grew.

Previously, scientists thought that black holes pull in just about everything, even energy. Now, it has been clearly demonstrated this isn’t the case.

A lot of unanswered questions about black holes remain, like what exactly is inside them, or could they be the way to other dimensions? It remains for future research to tell us more.

Image Source – Wikipedia