Surgeons Should Advise Women Not To Have Double Mastectomy

double mastectomy

Many women believed that having a double mastectomy improves the survival rate.

More and more women are having a double mastectomy even though they were diagnosed with cancer in one breast. The rate of women who decide to do this has been increasing a lot in the last year especially after celebrities like Angelina Jolie made this decision too.

A recent study shows that celebrities are not the only ones that influence this decision. Surgeons are also a big influence when women decide that a double mastectomy is the best treatment for them. The fact that surgeons have such an important influence for women means that they need to recommend double mastectomy only to those who need to have this surgery.

Researchers mentioned that they noticed that a lot of women are misinformed or not informed at all when they had this surgery. Many of them believed that having a double mastectomy improves the survival rate. Doctors mentioned that this is not true.

Many other studies showed that there are no benefits for women with an average risk that have this surgery. Women that have average or low risk need to look at other treatments before they decide to have this surgery. Another problem about this surgery is that women don’t know or understand the risks.

“When it comes to understanding risk, the general populace does not get it. They don’t know what having a 1 in 4 chance means,” said Dina Borzekowski, a research professor at the University of Maryland.

When women were asked why they took this decision all women answered that this gave them peace of mind. This is because they believe that this surgery will help them get rid of cancer without having complications. They also believe that there will be no chance of remission.

The researchers mentioned that surgeons and physicians need to find a way to convince women that this is a radical decision and that double mastectomy needs to be done only in some cases.

Women need to understand that there are other ways to treat breast cancer without having this surgery which is full of risks. Let’s hope that doctors can convince women that double mastectomy is not the best treatment for breast cancer.

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