Who Owns the Supremacy in the Console War?

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Nintendo, Microsoft, and Sony are the main competitors on the console market

At the moment, the console war is dominated by three main competitors, namely Sony, Microsoft, and Nintendo. All of them have their own dedicated adepts and offer a lot of advantages to the players, but which one owns the supremacy? Is it possible to offer one of the companies the title for the best consoles?

At the moment, the main items on the Sony platform are the home console PlayStation 4 and the handheld PS Vita. Microsoft offers only a home console, namely Xbox One. Nintendo is the most prolific one, with three next-generation items on the market. First of all, there is the classic handheld 3DS. As a home console, Nintendo has the Wii U. Recently, they have also released the hybrid Switch, which can be both a home console and handheld device.

Nintendo occupies the first place

According to the statistics, the most popular console might not be what you would expect. The first place is occupied by Nintendo’s 3DS veteran, which is followed closely by Sony’s PS4. This comes as a surprise since the 3DS is already six years old, and it succeeded to remain in the top preferences.

Nintendo scored a great achievement with 3DS. It was a phenomenon when it first appeared, and it seems like it defied all expectations and remained the leader. Among the titles which made this console so popular are Super Mario, Mario Kart, or Pokemon. As the statistics show, it seems that smartphones did not kill the handheld console.

Sony and Microsoft want to bring the gaming experience to the next level

On the other side, we have PS and Xbox, which bear many similarities. However, Sony wanted to make a difference and equipped their console with a VR headset. This is something that Xbox doesn’t have, but it will let you do something different. Microsoft now allows Xbox users to stream their games on their Windows 10 PCs.

The competition continues as both Sony and Microsoft want to bring 4K games to their consoles. Sony has already launched a Pro version for PS4, while Microsoft announced Project Scorpio, a much more powerful version of Xbox One. This console is bound to launch this year.

This year is predicted to witness a split among players. Professional gamers are more likely to stick to the 4K alternatives, while more casual ones will probably opt for Nintendo Switch. Investors are watching closely to see how the market will react to the hybrid console, as it has the potential to reinvent the gaming industry.
Image Source: Pixabay