Super NES Classic Edition Orders Are Limited – Who Is to Blame?

Console for the NES Classic Edition gaming device featured in red, black, and grey

Amazon has limited the orders of Super NES Classic Edition to one console per person

At the end of June, Nintendo announced they would release Super NES Classic Edition, a throwback gaming device which would come with two controllers and 21 games. Fans have already rushed to pre-order the console but, if they wanted to buy more than one unit, they were surprised to discover how their orders got canceled.

Amazon limits Super NES Classic Edition orders to one unit per person

Amazon announced customers with multiple unit orders that they changed their policy, and they are allowed to order only one unit. This was due to a limited console stock, which didn’t allow the company to ship more devices to the same person.

This probably reminds you of NES Classic Edition, the Nintendo console which inspired the Super edition. NES Classic Edition turned out incredibly popular but, unfortunately, it wasn’t stocked enough. The company didn’t expect it to become such a sensation, and the customer demands took it by surprise.

Therefore, only a few months after the initial release, Nintendo had to discontinue NES Classic Edition and betray the expectations of the market. Now we might think the company learned a lesson and would not repeat the same mistake, but the recent Amazon policy tells otherwise. They mentioned there occurred a change in the availability of the item, but still couldn’t explain how this happened.

Is this a strategy against scalping?

However, Nintendo might be to blame here. Probably, the company is trying to ensure as much people as possible can get a console, and thus avoid scalping techniques. This happened with NES Classic Edition, when thousands of scalpers offered the console on eBay for insane prices. Many people got fooled by it, but the console was indeed hard to find.

Such a situation could be avoided if Nintendo would have produced enough units to satisfy the demands of the customers. These demands will definitely be overwhelming, since the offer is really appealing. Super NES Classic Edition contains 21 games which have never been released before and two controllers.