Street Fighter V Gets The Beautiful Trailer It Deserves

Street Fighter V Gets The Beautiful Trailer It Deserves

A true oil painting coming alive, as Street Fighter V gets the beautiful trailer it deserves precisely one week ahead of its launch. It’s one of the most anticipated games of the year, with numerous videos introducing us to characters released. This is believed to be the last one before the game officials arrives.

The new trailer does not feature gameplay, a boast of their new mechanics, or any sort of in-game changes. What it does show, is a beautifully created world in a brush style that expresses the depth of the epic battles to come. It also helps that the videos progresses through the soundtrack of hardcore electric guitar solos. However, that is about it, no word spoke or eerie message. The video says it all.

And boy, does it send the right message. It depicts perhaps a little of what we should expect in terms of storyline. Two major arches will likely take place, one between Ryu and the mysterious Necalli, and the one between Mr. Bison and the vengeful Charlie Nash. The former captain of the U.S. Marine Corps from Street Fighter Alpha is officially back. Nash is not dead, he is instead back and ready to get revenge on the man who killed him.

For those who cannot recall, the character was thought to be dead after he perished in trying to save his best friend, Guille, from Mr. Bison. However, he looks very much alive.

Now, players are left waiting to see how this clash of four titans will end.

Street Fighter V will officially launch on February 16th of this year, after going through several betas and frame rate issues. Hopefully, all problems will be fixed by the time of launch, and players will be able to properly enjoy the game. There are a few changes in mechanics, and the game has been reported to be much smoother in terms of combat style.

The character roster has been cut as well. Upon launch, only 16 of them will be available, though CAPCOM promised to release more in the upcoming DLCs that will be entirely free for the public. However, that is still a lot less than the whopping 50 characters that Street Fighter IV had by the end. It made it impossible to keep track, so perhaps this a situation of addition by subtraction.

The upcoming installment of the franchise will launch on PlayStation 4 and the PC, with cross-platform battles enabled. That means that whether you are a console players or a PC gamer, you will be able to battle against any opponent and test out your skills.

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