Street Fighter V Adds A New Character

Street Fighter V Adds A New Character

Street Fighter V Adds A New Character

It could be said that we’re finally entering into the new DLC model that CAPCOM has promised us since the launch of Street Fighter V. There are free DLCs ahead, new characters, regular updates, and lots of things to purchase with hard-earned Fight Money. It should be noted that it’s perhaps not an excuse for these things not showing up at launch.

CAPCOM announced that they will be launching their first DLC new character at the end of the month. Alex will join the existing roster of fighters, and will become available for purchasing with fight money. But not so fast. The company has encountered some issues with their store, which might make the full release of the new character delay. Unfortunately, it’s a typical problem Street Fighter V players have been facing.

For the first time, the game introduced microtransactions, but it seems the system itself is not ready yet. When it is, players will have their promised perks. First off, CAPCOM introduced two new currencies for in-game purchases, Fight Money, currency earned through actually playing the game, and Zenny, exchange currency purchased with real life money. Whichever players choose, they have more options on how they want to gain new content.

And it’s sorely needed. Since its launch in February, Street Fighter V was an incomplete game. While it was visually stunning and the combat system was excellent, it lacked characters, modes, and the story was disappointing short. It showed that Mortal Kombat is currently the only modern fighting game that can handle its story in a way that it’s interesting and actually engages the player. Tekken could perhaps arrive on second place.

While Street Fighter V is unlikely to do something about it, it can improve on other features. The two updates planned for the end of the month could start tweaking and fixing mistakes, as well as adding more content.

The first update, on March 28th will introduce us to Demonstrations in Challenge Mode, allowing players to learn new things about fighting styles. There will also be a Trials option, which will put gamers through a series of tests and combos that will earn them Fight Money when completed. So, there’s another way to get more in-game currency for new characters and outfits.

More importantly, the game will be adding the option of having 8 players in a lobby, along with spectator mode. This has been one of the most requested features, because before this the maximum limit was of two players. That basically meant you and another person. It did not sound as much of a lounge.

The second update, on March 30th, will bring Alex, along with a couple more fixes of bugs. Hopefully, CAPCOM straightens everything out in the coming updates. Though these should’ve probably been included in the release. It’s a good thing that the upcoming DLCs are free.

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