Storms Have Left Thousands With No Power

storm in detroit

Week-end storms in the Southeast Michigan Area left thousands with no power.

Week-end storms in the Southeast Michigan Area left thousands with no power. A strong band of storms ravaged Michigan on Thursday evening and Friday night. Almost 120,000 people lost power in the two storms that hit Metropolitan Detroit. However, 50,000 households had been restored by Saturday, according to DTE Energy.

Wayne County received the hardest blow, with 56,000 outages in central Detroit, Interstates 94 and 275.

 DTE spokesman John Austerburry stated that all crews are working on bringing power back and that most households should have power restored by the end of Sunday. Crews are said to be working 16-hour shifts to restore electricity.

DTE also stated that other crews are cutting fallen tree limbs and clearing areas to help repair teams. For this to happen quicker, they will leave limbs to be used by homeowners or disposed of rather than remove the material.

The short storms brought very strong winds and hail which downed trees and lines. In Lansing, there are about 9,000 people without power.

After a teenager had been electrocuted by a fallen line, Austerberry recommended that people keep away from fallen power lines. People should stay 20 feet away from lines on the ground.

So far, teams are working to prioritize problems. The strong wind brought down tree limbs, which in turn got caught in the lines and caused damage. That’s the main source of the problems.

Other parts of Michigan seem to be free from problems, as Consumers Energy reported that there were no storm-related outages in these areas.

To protect yourself from fallen power lines you need to keep 20 feet away from them. If you see puddles next to downed power lines, keep away from them as well. If a fallen power line hits your vehicle, stay in until a crew arrives. If you must leave, jump out of the vehicle.

Do not stand under damaged trees or power lines and be very cautious of metal fences around the affected areas.

During storms, it is advised not to drive across downed power lines. Also, do not open freezers or refrigerators more often than necessary. It is also advised to unplug all appliances to avoid an electrical overload, once power is restored.

If you are among the thousands with no power, you should report to 800-477-4747.

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