Steven Seagal Thinks NFL Protests Are “Disgusting”

Steven Seagal

Action star Steven Seagal might have been very successful decades ago, but that fame is long gone. However, when his name started trending on Twitter, people knew that something sketchy was going on. And indeed, it was. During Wednesday’s Good Morning Britain, connected with Piers Morgan via Skype and began criticizing the protest of the NFL players that are taking a knee to protest the inequality between races and the police brutality. It may not have been too different from any other such exchanges if there were not two players involved: Seagal and Morgan. The latter is mostly known for criticizing female celebrities for wearing too revealing clothes or for showing to much cleavage.

The return of Steven Seagal

Steven Seagal, the once action hero of a generation, spoke through Skype from Russia. While looking though his small and rounded glasses, he was talking about the Obama ties that still exist and about the enemies that want to hurt America from its inside. He added that while being a believer in free speech, he thinks this NFL protest is “disgusting and outrageous”. He added that he has also risked his life for America numerous times and that he doesn’t get this kind of behavior.

Calling the NFL protest “disgusting”

At one point, Piers Morgan asks about the possibility of someone actually believing Seagal while he is talking from Russia. The 65-year old actor responded that it’s no secret every country in the world had or still has to do with espionage matters. He then went on to explain how it would be stupid to think Vladimir Putin had anything to do with the American presidential election. It’s interesting that he made this point, because nobody asked him to. Why feel the need to defend the country you’re so in love with?

The actor ended this part of the conversation by saying that Russia and America should be allies because they could do great things together. After that, he transitioned into talking about his upcoming kung fu movie that nobody has heard about.

Image source: kremlin