Stephen King’s “It” is Spine-Chilling

It movie pster

Stephen King’s It novel is 1.100 pages long. A movie surely couldn’t add every detail in it and make it justice. However, Andy Muschietti’s version comes really close, probably because it focuses on the first part of the novel. A sequel, if it will ever happen (it probably will, considering the box-office numbers), should continue the story until it’s conclusion. Some people might already know the story of this novel, about seven young kids who grow up fighting and running away from some kind of bizarre demonic entity. It’s all taking place in Maine and upon coming back as full-grown adults, they encounter the presence again.

It is indeed spine-chilling

Muschietti focused the entire movie on the first part of the novel, when the protagonists are still kids. However, the fact that they are children doesn’t stop King and Muschietti from making use of a very disturbing scenery. At one point, it all looks like a nightmare. The movie also covers a vast area of genres. It’s sometimes bone chilling and absolutely terrifying, while at other times it’ funny and nostalgic.

However, while the movie is good, it’s got this feel of emptiness at certain points, like something is missing. Right, half of the story is missing, but it’s not just that. The director moved the story from the 1950s to the 1980s, which is understandable as it’s a more popular time period. When six-year old Georgie is brutally murdered, things start to go crazy in the small town of Derry, Maine.

Pennywise the Dancing Clown, portrayed brilliantly by Bill Skarsgard, is exactly what he should be: terrifying beyond words. The movie also deals with the internal problems in this group of friends called “The Losers Club”. Also, how it changes when a girl, Beverly, enters it and disrupts the peace. All in all, the movie, even if it has its flaws, is supported by a strong story, brilliant cast and amazing cinematography. It will surely be a success, and we can already see that.

Image source: heyuguys