First Look at Stephen King Series “Castle Rock”

Castle Rock title card

On Sunday, the new trailer for Hulu’s upcoming Castle Rock series debuted. This will actually be an anthology series that will connect most of the events and characters from Stephen King’s famous novels. Fans of the author should be happy that finally, all those stories they know and love will connect in the mysterious town of Castle Rock, Maine.

To create this interesting series, King has collaborated with executive producer J. J. Abrams. Now, this new trailer offers a more detailed look at what’s to come when all those characters and places will finally connect.

Castle Rock and a few familiar faces

The new trailer is full of mysterious and creepy clues from a burning VHS tape, to a missing child poster. Also, the famous The Shawshank Redemption prison makes an appearance and some of its inmates are also shown. It’s also interesting that the cast includes a lot of new faces, as well as some very familiar ones. The new ones include Melanie Lynskey as Molly Strand and André Holland as Henry Deaver.

Apart from them, the familiar faces include Sissy Spacek, who once played the famous character of Carrie. However, she now plays Ruth Deaver. Scott Glenn replaced Ed Harris as Sheriff Alan Pangborn. Finally, fans of Stephen King will get to see Bill Skarsgard again, only this time without his freaky Pennywise attire.

Fans of Stephen King’s novel should be already familiar with the creepy town of Castle Rock, Maine. This acts as the setting for a lot of his stories like The Dead Zone and Cujo. It has also been mentioned numerous times in other novels like IT or The Shawshank Redemption.

According to a report, many events and characters from those famous stories will play a part in the new series. The first season, which will have 10 episodes, will make its debut on Hulu next year.

Image source: tubefilter