Spider-Man Homecoming Is A Real Entanglement

spider man homecoming poster

The third reboot of Spider-Man will release its first movie, Homecoming, on July 07.

Spider-Man: Homecoming is due out in cinemas on the 7th of July. This is a kickoff for the third solo Spider-Man in the last 15 years and a great deal for Hollywood’s studio system. The reason is that both Sony Pictures Entertainment and Marvel Studios share the rights for the character. This means that Spidey can appear in major Marvel projects and that Sony can develop its very own franchise around the character and all supporting cast.

Spider-Man is a Big Deal

However, there is a great amount of confusion about the future outcome of the practice. Firstly, Homecoming is situated in the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU). All that makes the story go forward ties all superheroes in one interconnected narrative. While Sony is working on two features films, Venom and Silver & Black, their intention doesn’t it into that interconnected narrative.

As such, Spider-Man Homecoming is a real entanglement for both parties. This is so because there is a lot of hassle that involves rights managements. Furthermore, there is no guarantee that the resulting Sony movies will work in terms of critical and commercial success.

And the rest of the confusion was created because there are, apparently, contradictory statements from Marvel Studios head Kevin Feige and Spider-Man executive producer Amy Pascal.

In an interview for the French film site AlloCiné, Feige said that there are no intentions to include Venom in the MCU for the moment. On the other part, Amy Pascal stated, in an interview with FilmStarts, that:

“Well, those movies [like Venom] will all take place in the world that we’re now creating for Peter Parker. They’ll all be adjuncts to it.”

Ulterior, Pascal spoke about if Spider-Man himself will appear as a character in the separate films. The key fact is that Sony is creating a world around Peter Parker. But to the extent to which Peter Parker/ Spider-Man’s actions would have repercussions in the MCU universe or Sony’s mainly because he might appear as an image or reference, but not as a character himself.

As such, these are the main reasons for which Spider-Man Homecoming is a real entanglement as it intertwines with both MCU and Sony. It will be of great interest to see how will the two studios manage to integrate the shared character, which implies the background and future development of franchise films

Image Source: Wikimedia