SpaceX’s Falcon Heavy Launch Could Make History

Falcon 9 launch from SpaceX

SpaceX has postponed the launch of its giant Falcon Heavy rocket multiple times. Initially, the plan was to launch it back in 2015. It didn’t happen and now, experts are saying that when it will finally be launched, it may be the space company’s biggest step when it comes to finally reaching Mars. The Falcon Heavy is an enormous vehicle. Three boosters power it which are large enough to be compared with the Falcon 9 rocket. Its purpose is to carry large and heavy payloads into the orbit. Eventually, it would also be used to carry people to Mars using reusable vehicles which would be much cheaper than new ones.

According to what some experts are saying, such an important launch could expand the role of newer space companies in the space industry. Apart from this, it could increase competition in a niche area, the heavy-lift rocket. However, it’s interesting that SpaceX is not the only company currently trying this. NASA also has some big plans with its Space Launch System. United Launch Alliance’s Delta IV Heavy is also an interesting option. According to space historian John Logsdon, time will tell if this will remain only a market niche or if it will expand.

SpaceX and its impressive Falcon Heavy rocket

Logsdon also says that the space business is like any other business where you need innovation to stay relevant. It’s comparable with what Apple does with their iPhones or with what Samsung does with their latest smartphone. The Falcon Heavy is simply SpaceX’s newest product which needs media attention. The company would have done it without being absolutely sure that the market would require it in the near future. You don’t go on and make a smartphone with buttons if the market doesn’t ask for it. This is the same thing.

As for Falcon Heavy’s first voyage, Elon Musk says that a date hasn’t been established yet. At this point, experts say, it doesn’t even matter how would this launch go. It will still be a huge event and might change the market forever.

Image source: flickr