South Park: The Fractured but Whole, Much Better than the First

South Park: The Fractured but Whole

The co-creator of the popular animated series South Park was saying in a recent interview that they are always afraid someone will be extremely offended by an episode and that they’ll have to end the show forever. Trey Parker also said that the entire team is ready for that moment. It’s like they have the bags at the door. Well, this doesn’t seem to be the moment as the RPG video game South Park: Fractured but Whole is much better than the first attempt, The Stick of Truth.

A truly better RPG than the first installment

Apart from the weirdness and offensive jokes which fans should have gotten used to with South Park, this game underlines something else. When they’re not busy being mischievous, the entire cast is actually really nice. Also, the world where the game is taking place is bizarre and fun. Just like the series and the first game. And if many people were worried that this sequel would only be an extension of the first game, that is not the case. It feels similar, but it has a more complex approach to it, including the RPG elements.

The combat is still turn-based, but it’s not a problem. Each individual character has its own movement and attack pattern. The fights are longer in this game than in the first, which is much better in terms of believability. The new classes are also interesting, useful and unique. The side quests are extremely fun to complete too. However, most of them are just of the “go and fetch something” type. They are also repetitive and usually serve as an excuse to get yet another funny cutscene. But nobody should consider the game South Park: Fractured but Whole one of those serious RPGs. It’s made to be funny, so there’s no doubt that the team accomplished their goal.

Image source: wikimedia