Sony Entices Music Lovers with Its Latest Wireless Speakers

sony srs-zr7Sony entices music lovers with its latest wireless speakers. CES 2016 is not the first occasion when Sony presents speakers able to produce multi-room sounds. The trend of gadgets that involved such speakers came in different dimensions, but they did not have all features offered by Sonos.

With its presentation at CES, Sony provided a top device with two sound systems, a sound bar and a handy wireless sub. All these extended options offer it better chances of competing with today’s top audio products.

The new equipment contains the SRS-ZR7 and SRS-ZR5 gadgets together with a HT-NT5 sound bar and the HT-CT790 bass speaker. This couple of products not only provides two dimensions, but also two different styles that represent more than what meets the eye.

Sony’s SRS-ZR5 has a small size, as the one used for radio stations or stereo surround installments. Its SRS-ZR7 sibling can be set up as a separate device, similar to those met in small rooms around the house.

Regarding its subwoofer and sound bar, HT-NT5 sports a rather exclusive model where the sound system is tilted up-wards. Sony made it this way to send all sounds towards the roof and in the lateral, besides the normal frontal sound waves.

The company designed its products to imitate the audio coming from a powerful surround system with a single speaker and a bass partner. Like the majority of producer, Sony’s complex audio equipment is all managed with an application.

With that program, you are allowed to connect other sound systems to them or use it independently. Besides its dedicated app, the device is compatible with Google Cast and Spotify Connect as well. Some users who tested the products had problems with the SongPal application, which was rather hard to use many times.

Improving its software part is something that Sony has to work on if it wants to advance in the audio market. Another problematic area is presented by its devices’ sound quality. Form the latest news at CES 2016, it seems that the new sound systems and sound bars are quite able to process all tasks they are being requested to do.

But, when it comes to quality, they lack what Sonos provides. Both Sony’s sound gadgets seem to tremble and, despite providing excellent audio clarity, they need a better base. When combined with the sub and sound bar, it is not very noticeable; however these systems should use their speakers independently as well.

Image source: Blogcdn