Don’t Use Your Social Media Accounts to Sign into Apps

Facebook sign in

You might want to think twice before using a social media account to sign into apps

Researchers from Virginia Polytechnic Institute warn smartphone users to be careful with the apps they use. They discovered most apps available on Play Store want to access personal information, and might share this information with third-party apps without asking for your consent.

Many apps might use your personal data

It’s probably not new to you that most apps ask you to fill in your date of birth, email, or sometimes even phone number. You can either introduce this data manually, or choose to log in with a social media account and the app takes all the info from there. What you might not know is the fact that this info might end up to other apps, to which you didn’t give permission to access your data.

When an app asks you for this personal information, you might find it easier to log in with an already existent account. However, more apps have started observing their users closely, and using your Facebook or Twitter to enter them might not be the best choice.

Now you can monitor what happens to your personal data

More developers want to access data without the knowledge of users, and one easy way is if they sign in with these accounts. When you do this, you actually agree with the use of your email and phone number by any other third-party service.

Therefore, Facebook and Google Plus now let users see what apps they use have accessed this data. Also, they might choose to disconnect their accounts from them, and you’d better start doing it today, since there are other risks involved.

If one of your social media accounts gets hacked, all apps connected to it will suffer. This might not be worrying for certain games or fitness apps. However, be careful with any shopping apps or anything that contains payment information.
Image Source: Pixabay