Snapchat Adds Universal Search Tool

Snapchat universal search tool

The universal search tool is a great improvement for Snapchat.

Snapchat is finally updating that tool that has been confusing its users for a long time. The search tool is going to be easier to use now. Users mentioned that they have been confused by the search tool. They don’t need to worry anymore because Snapchat adds a universal search tool.

Many people have mentioned that Snapchat is a great app but they have some trouble finding the posts that they want to see. This is no longer a problem. At least it shouldn’t be anymore because of this update.

Until now, users had to look at various search bars before they could find what they were looking for. Now, Snapchat announced that they will quit the various search bars and put them in a universal search tool. This change will make it easier for people to search and find what they were looking for.

The universal search bar is going to be available to find Android users. Snapchat mentioned that it will be available for all users soon. In order to use this search bar, you have to tap on the Bitmoji icon that is in the top left of your display.

After that, you will end up on your profile and you can start chats with groups and friends. This search bar will let you find all of the accounts that you were looking for. You can also find Our Stories which is made from more snaps from people who attended the same event.

Despite the fact that it added this universal search tool, this app still doesn’t have an Explore bar like Instagram or Twitter. This makes it harder for users to explore and find other users. The fact that it only added this search bar still means that you have to dig up a bit before finding what you were looking for.

The universal search tool is a great improvement for Snapchat. All of its users are going to be pleased because they won’t have to search for hours. This was one of the problems that Snapchat has experienced over the time. This update comes after its rival, Instagram, has started to monetize Stories by putting ads.

Do you think that Snapchat needed to make this update? Would the universal search tool make it easier for people to find other users?

Image source: Pexels