Smart Speaker Calls Police and Saves Woman’s Life

Apple HomePod Speaker on a table

A smart speaker intervened in a domestic abuse case before it was too late

Many users think smart speakers are invading their privacy with the always-listening option but, for a woman from New Mexico, it proved extremely useful. Thanks to this feature, a speaker ‘intervened’ in a case of domestic violence before things became too serious. The device alerted the authorities about the case, and allowed them to intervene before it was too late.

A smart speaker saved a woman’s life

On July 2nd, Eduardo Barros, a man from Tijeras, New Mexico, was at home with his girlfriend and her daughter. Suddenly, the two adults started arguing and, at a certain point, the man became aggressive towards the woman. He even threatened to kill her with a firearm, asking if she had called the police.

Fortunately for the woman, there was a smart speaker around which listened to the man question and picked it up as a command. Then, it immediately called 911, and the police were able to intervene just in time to save the woman and her daughter. After the investigation, the police discovered the woman was injured, but her daughter was unharmed. Barros resisted for hours, but a SWAT team was finally able to arrest him.

The device might pose some privacy concerns

The authorities agree that the active smart speaker was extremely important. If it hadn’t been for it, the woman and her daughter would have been in much more danger, but the police was notified on time and was able to stop the man from further abusing his girlfriend.

Most of the time, having an always-on smart speaker might be unpleasant, and lead to unwanted events. It poses a privacy issue, indeed, but this case proves it might be useful. There are many ways in which you can prevent the speaker from intruding in your life, such as setting it to play certain sounds when it is listening or introducing passcodes you need to enter before making it listen.
Image Source: Wikimedia Commons