Sling TV Will Be Releasing A Roku Cloud Option

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Sling TV announced that, starting with December, it will be releasing a cloud DVR beta program.

Sling TV announced earlier this week that, starting with December, it will be releasing a cloud DVR beta program which will be available to its Roku users.

Sling TV, owned by Sling TV LLC, a Dish Network subsidiary, is an American internet television system which was launched in early 2015.

The service seeks to complement the subscription video on demand area for those who have chosen to renounce the cable services.

As such, Sling offers quite a selection of cable channels which can be streamed and watch on any smart TVs, digital devices apps, or digital media players.

According to the recent announcement, the system could be getting even smarter thanks to its unrolling of a new, cloud-based DVR beta program.

The new cloud-based, DVR beta will be made available starting with December and will allow its users to record their programs in the cloud.

As the system will be cloud-based, it will lose most of its memory restrictions, as such, the new recording method will have no time restrictions.

Most currently available cloud-based recorders have a 28-days availability period.

The users will, as such, have unlimited access to an approximate number of 100 hours of recordings, which will be made available on any smart device.

The beta version of the Sling TV cloud-based DVR recording system will come with no additional charges. It is as yet unclear if the final version of the program, which will be open to all users, will have any additional costs.

For the moment, the Sling TV beta program will be available to a limited number of users. This will include Sling Blue and Orange subscribers.

The Sling Blue subscription offers a single-stream feature whilst the Sling Orange is the multi-stream user subscription.

The new beta system, besides being cloud-based, will allow for multiple, simultaneous recordings. As such, users can record multiple programs on various channels without the concern of potential recording conflicts.

Still, before demanding the service, the users should wait and check the technical specifications. Sling TV announced that its cloud-based DVR beta will not be immediately available on all the channels.

As the exact list has yet to be announced, it will probably be published once the system is rolled out.

Also, the future Sling TV cloud-based DRV recording program will only be available to the aforementioned Sling subscriptions that are part of Roku.

However, non-Roku users will not be left out as the service will be made available to all interested subscribers sometime in the upcoming months.

Following the December release, interested users will have to request an invite so as to benefit from the function as it is an invite only system.

The new cloud DVR recordings will be integrated into the Sling TV “My TV” user interface screen. From there, the subscribers will be able to access their cloud content at any time.

Sling TV users that plan and will be using the cloud-based DVR system are encouraged to provide feedback related to the software and its functionality.

Sling TV also encourages its users to turn and try their new system, with user feedback being very important.

Image Source: Wikimedia