The Sixth Mass Extinction Has Begun, Scientists Warn

African lion lying down in the savanna

The extinction rate among animals has been much higher this century than it used to be

Scientists are worried the planet’s wildlife is in extreme danger of being annihilated, as they have detected signs of a sixth mass extinction. Biodiversity has been suffering numerous assaults over the past decades, and this needs to stop. If people continue damaging wildlife, a grim future awaits the environment.

Ecosystems are gradually being destroyed as more species become extinct. Humans are responsible for this, as they overpopulate areas and destroy the animals’ habitats to create new living places for them. Also, as the human population continues to grow, they build more factories, causing water, air, and land pollution.

Researchers noticed how many animal populations decrease, and more species are added to the endangered list. They analyzed the situation of 27,600 animal species, and put up a report published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences. Results are as dark as it gets, since they believe the sixth mass extinction episode has already begun.

More animals are now going extinct

They looked at the extinction rate over the last century, and compared it to the rate recorded during previous century. This century, two species went extinct every year, which is incredibly worrying. Before, it took 100 years for two species to disappear from Earth.

Some of the estimates might not actually correspond to the real-life situation. Some species are listed as endangered, while they aren’t actually in such big danger. Even so, the rate of extinction is huge.

Some of the most endangered species include African lions, which have suffered a 43 percent decrease in their populations since 1993. Cheetahs are also on the list since, in 2016, reports showed there were only 7,000 of them which were still alive. As we can see, figures show the sixth mass extinction is here.

The future is frightening, since it seems that further attacks on biodiversity won’t stop. We need to do something as quickly as possible, before suffering a huge loss in the wildlife of our planet.
Image Source: Wikimedia Commons