Single Mothers Suffer The Most From Lack Of Sleep

Single Mothers Suffer The Most From Lack Of Sleep

According to a CDC (the United States Centers for Disease Control and Prevention) report single mothers are the ones who suffer the most of all Americans because of lack of sleep. The paper was published in the Charlotte Observer on Wednesday by the CDC’s National Center for Health Statistics.

According to health officials a night of good sleep should be considered a priority by everyone. Past research indicates that sleep deprivation increases the risk of developing depression, cancer, heart disease and diabetes. In addition people who lack sleep are more likely to be involved in car crashes and accidents at their workplace.

For the study the researchers analyzed data from the National Health Interview Survey between 2013 and 2014. This survey is conducted every year and it involved 44 adults, with equal numbers of females and males. A notable finding of the investigation was the fact that no matter the kind of family which they came from (be it a childless household, a single parent situation or a two-parent one) women were more likely to have difficulty when trying to fall asleep and remain asleep, compared to men.

Among single mothers 44 percent of those who had children under the age of 18 reported that they did not get the recommended 7-hour sleep. As far as single fathers are concerned 38% percent of them said that they did not get enough sleep. Overall single parents were more prone to experience a lower sleep quality and even insomnia. Some reported that they recurred to using sleeping pills.

57 percent of single mothers reported that they do not feel rested when they wake up and even 46 percent of mothers from two-parent families and 39 percent of women with no children reported the same problem.

Among adults who live in families with two parents about 33 percent reported that they sleep less than seven hours every night.

Sleep medicine specialist Dr. Stuart Quan from Brigham and Women’s Hospital in Boston explained that in almost all studies regarding sleeping women are the ones who tend to have more problems than men and these differenes can be observed from an early age.

The results of the study are most likely a result of the fact that people have the tendency to sacrifice sleeping hours in favor of family responsabilities, work and socail obligations. And of course since in a single-parent situation the responsabilities increase it is understandable that the percentage of sleep-deprived parents is also bigger.

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