Swedish Official Proposes Sex Breaks During Working Hours


An official from the Swedish town of Overtornea proposed sex breaks during working hours to improve the lives of the employees

A Swedish official came up with an interesting idea. He proposed that employees should get sex breaks during working hours during which they could go home and “de-stress” themselves. He thinks that this is a good solution to release the tension in work relationships.

Per-Erik Muskos is the politician from Overtornea that proposed the sex break for employees during the working hours. He believes that this is a good solution to improve relationships, since it helps the well-being of the workers.

Thus, such a break might provide a better working environment and a higher performance. Besides the benefits at the workplace, such a break might be good to boost Sweden’s birth rates, which have been a little low lately.

Muskos has already made his proposal public and is planning to present it in front of the local council later this year. He is optimistic about his plan and is quite confident that he will receive the council’s approval. This will bring an immediate implementation of the law, which he thinks will be welcome by the 550 workers in town.

This wacky idea of a sex break is actually an attempt to boost birth rates in Sweden. The town, situated near the Finnish border, is trying hard to find ways to stop the migration of young people to bigger Swedish cities, such as Stockholm or Gothenburg. They usually choose to leave their hometowns and go look for jobs in major metropolitan areas.

Muskos declared that many young people left town immediately after they finished school. Thus, he thinks that his proposal might solve this population problem and make the town a more attractive place, especially for the youth. His proposal would most surely make life better in Overtornea, so maybe young people will be persuaded to stay.

The European Union revealed that Sweden recorded a massive drop in the numbers of births. There is an average of 11 babies born per 1,000 Swedes every year. To have a better understanding of what this means, in Africa there are birth rates that record 35 or 40 babies per 1,000 people.

Thus, Muskos is convinced that his proposal of sex breaks is a good way to fix this population problem. Also, it most surely will improve people’s lives and their family and work relationships.
Image Source: Pixabay