Scientists Have Sent Messages to Aliens and are Waiting for Reply

Silhouettes of people looking towards the nightsky

It seems that a group of scientists has decided to send some messages to any alien civilization that is currently existing in a star system that’s about 12.4 light years away. So, back in October, they transmitted the message, which contains music, math and technology, to the GJ273 system, over three days. It’s interesting that the scientists also put some instruction in the message about how should the aliens reply to us in about 25 years-time.

However, many have deemed the ide to send messages to alien worlds as being controversial. Two different avenues of thinking have been recognized until now. One is the Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence (SETI), which says that the human race should be looking for alien civilizations by listening to certain signals. The second one, called Messaging Extraterrestrial Intelligence (METI), says that instead, we should be sending out messages in the hope to get an answer.

Contacting alien civilizations

However, it’s worth noting that the METI avenue has been strongly criticized by famous physicist Stephen Hawking. According to him, letting aliens know about out existence might be out doom. He even compared this situation with what happened with the Native Americans when Columbus found America. Nothing good happened. So, it could be possible that we might have the same faith should we sent them messages.

Then there’s another problem with this initiative. How can one small group of people decided what should be said and what is representative for the human race?

Still, worries aside, this group of experts still sent their message back in October. They sent the message to Luyten’s Star, a red dwarf which has a potentially-habitable planet called GJ273b. The message was sent for three days, 11 minutes each day.

Moreover, for the next phase of the project Sonar Calling GJ273b, the scientists will send an expanded message to the same star and its planet. Also, there will be a date in this message: June 21, 2043. Then, they will be listening for any response from the alien civilization that might have intercepted the signal.

Image source: flickr