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Algae bloom making intricate waves

Algae Determined the Spread of More Complex Life Forms on Earth

Algae Determined the Spread of More Complex Life Forms on Earth

For quite a long time, scientists have been trying to understand how life on Earth evolved, and how it jumped from the bacterial domination to a bit more complex life forms. Recently, a team of researchers from the Australian National University claims to have discovered the trigger of this major transition, and of the beginning

DNA seen with a microscope

Malicious Code in DNA Infects Computer

It seems like technology and biology are about to become one. At least this is what a team of scientists suggests. They have managed to create a malicious code which was incorporated into a DNA strand. Moreover, they also succeeded in infecting a computer with it. It may sound like something out of a blockbuster

first flower water lily

The First Flower To Bloom Was Quite Different From Its Descendants

The first flower ever to evolve on land was a genetic mutation in reproduction that eventually took over and led to ninety percent of the plant populations on Earth. That original bloom was the ancestor of all modern flowers, including roses, lilies, and even grasses, and fruit trees. Almost all vegetables and plants consumed by

milky way extragalactic matter

The Milky Way Is Made Out Of Extragalactic Matter

In the beginning, the first stars formed from early hydrogen, creating helium. Eventually, as those stars collapsed and burst, they built carbon, oxygen, and, after a few cycles, iron, silver, and gold. The Milky Way is a later generation galaxy, and now scientists at the Northwestern University in Illinois have modeled how much of the matter

habitat prototype

Lockheed Martin Is Developing A Habitat Prototype Out Of Old Parts

Lockheed Martin is currently putting together a habitat prototype designed for deep space rather than the Earth’s orbit. This module is intended to possibly go beyond the moon’s orbit. The most interesting part about it is, they are building it with old parts salvaged from space shuttle era missions to the International Space Station (ISS).