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Yoga relieves back pain

A Study Finds that Yoga Relieves Back Pain

A Study Finds that Yoga Relieves Back Pain

A new study finds that a certain type of yoga relieves back pain. The yoga protocol, developed by researchers at the Boston Medical Center with the help of yoga teachers, doctors, and physical therapists, was a one-year study with participants of different races, background, with low income from the Boston Area. The conclusion of the

Twin porpoise

Extremely Rare Two-Headed Porpoise Found by Dutch Fishermen

Last month, off the coast of the Netherlands, a group of Dutch fishermen hauled on board a very strange creature. The porpoise, which is a familiar sight in the North Sea, suffered the incredible phenomenon called “partial twinning” which made the creature grow two heads on a single body. A Rare Case of Twinning Cetaceans

Jupiter and its moons

Scientists Spot Two More ‘Lost Moons’ around Jupiter

Astronomers discovered two new moons around Jupiter, which they dubbed “moonlets” for their small size. With the new discovery, the gas giant now sports 64 moons, and 5 so-called “lost moons”. Scientists named the newly found space rocks S/2016 J 1 and S/2017 J 1, with S being the short form of “satellite” and J

diverse environments on mars

Curiosity Found New Evidence About The Diverse Environments On Mars

Scientists found new evidence to support the theory claiming that Mars once had diverse environments throughout its history. This new data was gathered by NASA’s Curiosity rover, which has been studying the Red Planet since 2012. Curiosity has been analyzing the Gale Crater and its Mount Sharp in particular. The layers of rocks at the


Tubelip Wrasses Use Peculiar Mechanism to Eat Coral

Tubelip wrasses get their name from their weird-looking lips which help them munch on coral, their favorite meal. However, scientists have been wondering how these fish are capable to do that for quite a long time. Now, they managed to reveal the mystery and presented it in a study published in the journal Current Biology.