Schenectady County Increases Drug Unit to Fight Heroin Abuse

Two types of heroin

The Schenectady County Sheriff’s Office will expand their drug unit in order to combat heroin abuse

Heroin abuse is one of the main causes of death all over United States. The number of overdoses increased greatly during the last few years. In an effort to combat heroin use, the Sheriff’s Office in Schenectady County will be expanding its drug unit.

The unit will be adding two new members, a new officer and an investigator from the District Attorney’s Office. Their job will be to focus on the mid- and high-level dealers of heroin. Drug consumption increased both locally and nationally and made the law officers gather new efforts and means to fight against it.

The local law enforcement offices need all the resources necessary to perk up their battle with drugs. For example, the Schenectady Law Office will be receiving just a few over $250,000 for the new members in their departments.

What the authorities are trying to do is to cut the source of the problem. They want to make it difficult for dealers to deliver the drugs rather than arrest the consumers that need treatment. Their goal is to make dealers be afraid to set up their businesses in the county and are hoping to do that by raising the number of investigations.

With the new members, the drug unit will be made up of seven people. They hope that they will have better results than in 2016, when they already scored a few achievements. They recovered $200,000, three weapons, three vehicles and, on top of that, arrested about 70 people.

The new members will already be occupying their new positions at the end of February. Thus, they will be able to perform longer investigations and find more high-level targets. The operations involving the superior dealers usually take more time and require more resources and this will now be possible.

Heroin has become much too available lately and the number of overdoses increased. Also, the consumption of prescription opioids has gone up, too. These are highly addictive and strong and are generally used in the treatment of chronic pain.

However, going for the addicts is not the solution. This will not bring any contribution whatsoever to the process of heroin elimination from the community. Instead of arresting them, they want to help the addicts get treatment and be socially functional again.
Image Source: Wikimedia Commons