A Scene from IT Movie Scared Even Stephen King

Author Stephen King

While absolutely terrorizing the entire world and destroying the clown industry, the big screen adaptation of Stephen King’s popular novel IT is also making box office history. The movie had the biggest opening for a horror movie in history, making $117.2 only on the North American continent. It even beat the previous record which belonged to the horror movie Paranormal Activity 3. Apart from this, IT managed the biggest opening for a Stephen King adaptation too. And considering those include movies like The Shining, this is a huge achievement.

One scene even scared Stephen King himself

However, one of the most interesting and unexpected things happened off camera. In a recent interview, producer Barbara Muschietti revealed that after seeing the movie, the author sent an email to director Andy Muschietti. It’s interesting that King wasn’t scared at all by Pennywise the Dancing Clown, but by another creepy creature.

In the email he sent Muschietti, King reportedly said that he absolutely loved what they did with the woman in the painting scenes. In case you didn’t know, the woman in the painting is Stanley Uris’ (Wyatt Oleff) form of fear, which IT feeds upon. So, it takes the form of that creepy painting of a woman dressed in black who plays flute.

Stephen King even praised the adaptation, which made all the people involved, along with the child actors, incredibly proud. Oleff said during an interview that to have the legendary author be so happy with their work means the world to them.

As for the filming period, the actor admitted that it would be scary to go on set sometimes because it was all so raw. The children didn’t get to see Bill Skarsgard, who plays Pennywise, in full costume until it was time to meet him in a scene. And when that time came, it was incredibly creepy and disturbing.

Image source: wikimedia