Samsung’s Gear S2 Classic Brings a Touch of Style in Your Life

samsung-gear-s2-classicSamsung’s Gear S2 Classic brings a touch of style in your life and it is obviously less expensive to purchase a gold smart watch from Samsung compared to Apple’s luxury wearable. The South Korean tech producer declared the global release of the Gear S2 Classic this week, with the gadget, including the platinum and 18k gold models, going for sale in various marketplaces.

Samsung has not given in depth details about prices and accessibility, but there have been platinum and gold versions of the Classic model available for preorders. They have a cost of for over $500 in European countries, even if the company did not confirm this news yet.

The new version of the Gear S2 was revealed at CES last month and comes in a couple of stylish models: the platinum version and the 18k rose gold. The gold model also arrives with the ivory leather strap, while the platinum edition has the black leather strap.

Both the platinum and gold watches have identical specifications to the regular Gear S2 Classic, so the frame is similar as well, with the rotating bezel or all other functions. The new smart watches will arrive with a group of three original watch faces related to the gold and platinum shades of the wearable.

The organization did not offer a cost range for either edition, but some sources found a few pre-order choices, which place both versions at approximately $510. The price may seem uncommon at first look, particularly in comparison to Apple’s expensive rose gold smart watch, which can take more than $17,000 out of your pocket.

However, this cost difference is not surprising when you take into consideration how much jewelry you are really buying. In fact, Samsung’s gold wearable is only plating over the Classic’s metal frame, while Apple’s watch is all made of gold.

The S2 Classic is a traditional approach of watch styles in comparison to its predecessor, the Gear S2 and fairly similar in regards to specifications. In the experts’ tests last year both gadgets were amazing, with good design, innovative and realistic navigation features thanks to the rotating bezels and a quick operating system.

Even if the restricted app selection and insufficient voice commands were frustrating, at $350 the Classic is only $50 more expensive than the standard S2. If these rumored costs are correct, then will be worth to pay other $150 to have the gold plating model? Some people are not sure yet, but in comparison to Apple’s smart watch, you will not lose so much jewelry when the wearable itself goes outdated.

Image source: Gsmarena