Samsung May Have Its Own Version of Live Photos in the Galaxy S7

Samsung-Galaxy-S7Samsung may have its own version of Live Photos in the Galaxy S7. After Apple’s iPhone 6S, along with its bigger relative the 6S Plus model, were released back in Sept, a new function known as 3D Touch was presented to the company’s numerous users.

This option provides additional functions like Peek&Pop or Quick Actions while detecting the level of pressure that is used to the screen. During the last days, some rumors appeared about how the Korean producer intends to include a pressure sensor to its upcoming Galaxy S7, which will have functions that are just like Apple’s Peek&Pop or Quick Actions.

But that does not represent the only option that the future premium smart phone will have similar to iPhone 6S or 6S Plus. An additional function operated by Apple’s 3D Touch in its iPhones is the famous Live Photos, since each time a picture is taken, it is captured inside 3 seconds of footage.

The still image can be animated by pressing harder on any area of the screen. The Live Images feature can be preset for Lock screen pictures and can be seen on other gadgets produced by Apple. Now there have been some speculations that Samsung’s future leading phone will have its own function.

This feature will be almost identical to the iPhone’s Live Photos, as some tech sources mentioned on various online boards. They affirmed that the option is still being developed as we write. If Samsung does not finish its developments until the S7 model is released, the feature could be launched as portion of an application upgrade during the next months

What will the Korean giant name its edition of the Live Photos? Lately, there have been some rumors that it may be called Vivid Photos or Timeless Photos. But the company’s idea of such Live Photos might not record sounds with the images, unlike Apple’s feature.

By getting rid of the audio files from Samsung’s Live Photos, its users will be able to share their pictures on Facebook in the form of animated GIFs. In order to include the submission of the new Live Photos, Facebook’s technicians were required to do plenty of additional work.

The social platform added assistance for such GIFs in the summer of 2015. But how does the 3D Touch feature work? The latest iPhones have slightly flexible layers of glass designed by Corning. Under the screen, there are almost 100 receptors included in the phone’s LCD backlight that sense every bending as a changing distance, as experts said.

In addition to that, Apple’s proprietary Tactic Engine can record small oscillations made by the owner pushing harder on the screen. Some time ago, Samsung presented a function in its Galaxy S4 model that was similar to the iPhone’s Live Photos, known as Sound and Shot.

But, that option simply allows customers to record sounds that are heard when the photo is taken. Other long awaited features in Samsung’s Galaxy S7 are an enhanced processor, the microSD slot, a Type-C connector, 4 GB of RAM, the 12MP rear digicam with BRITECELL sensors, a 5MP front-facing shooter, various display size model and a water resistant design.

Image source: Androidblogger


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