Samsung Gear VR Got A Little More Social

Samsung Gear VR Got A Little More Social

The world of virtual reality has not truly reached full bloom, and yet it’s still expanding. Facebook seems to want to lead the charge, with their upcoming Oculus Rift that will be one of the major players in the market. However, the social aspect that their services are known for will not be neglected.

Facebook announced the launch of more social features for Samsung Gear VR for users to enjoy both by themselves and, more importantly with their friends. The social network platform added sharing features, casual games made for virtual reality, and other features such as 360o videos. It’s quite the perfect plan for Facebook.

They have the opportunity of delving further into virtual reality and expand on their video-sharing aspect that they so avidly seek. Samsung Gear VR could become the perfect tool, since it’s powered by smartphones, devices that Facebook is already familiar with. And, who knows, it could be an excellent tool ahead of the launch of Oculus Rift. It’s doubtful that the VR headset won’t include Facebook-related options or features.

First of all, the Gear VR is getting its own dedicated section of Oculus Videos. Users will be able to personalize their feed of 360o videos that were specially made for virtual reality. As time goes on, it’s guaranteed that more will be added, especially in the coming months. Friends will be able to share them among them through Gear VR as easy as it is on the non-VR version of the platform.

Starting today, users will be able to create their own profile connected with their real name and their Oculus name in order to find their friends. However, Facebook claimed that signing up through their social media network is completely optional. A sign up with the Oculus name would be enough.

After gathering a part of friends, Facebook and Samsung Gear VR will be offering a few options. Users will be able to join “rooms” where they can watch Twitch or Vimeo live streams together in virtual reality. If you cannot be in an actual room together, friends could join in virtual reality and watch streams as if they’re there. Sort of.

Furthermore, Facebook has added two new casual games that can be played among friends. Oculus presents with Social Trivia, a game made to put your knowledge to the test against your friends. It’s simple and basic, one that was almost naturally expected from such a platform. The next is a bit more exciting, called Herobound: Gladiators, when you and a party up to four friends will band together to defeat goblins and demons in the arena.

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