ReplyASAP Doesn’t Let You Ignore Texts

Man texting on his smartphone, wearing a watch

Nobody likes to have their texts ignored by family, friends or lovers. Maybe they’re not doing it on purpose, but it’s usually still a reason to fight with that person who avoided or simply didn’t see your message. This is exactly the reason why the British father of a 13-year old boy decided to invent an app which you cannot physically ignore. He was sick of wondering where his son was and why wasn’t he replying to his texts. So, this is why Nick Herbert created ReplyASAP. When you receive a text, the app will start an alarm which will not stop until you’ve checked your message.


Moreover, this app will not only trigger an annoying alarm, but will also take control of your device. It will interrupt what you were doing on your phone and will redirect you to the message you received. It may sound like an irritating app, but it could prove extremely useful. According to Herbert, he was sick of his son Ben not returning his texts, mainly because he always had his phone on silent. When he was out with his friends, it was an impossible mission to find out where he was. He became frustrated with this and decided that it was time to do something.

So, the father started studying an area which until then was fairly unknown to him: messaging apps. After reading a lot about apps like WhatsApp, he found the solution to his problems. An alarm which will sound indefinitely he texted his son Ben. In order to create this app, he requested the help of some developers who built ReplyASAP. For now, this app is only available for Android users, but will come on the iOS next week. It costs 99p.

An interesting solution

The app actually works in an interesting way. In order to start using it, a parent must download ReplyASAP. That parent then needs to offer the app to another person or to multiple persons. When the child downloads it, they can refuse or accept the invitation. If accepted, the parent can then start sending texts which will trigger an alarm. Ben is reportedly happy with his dad’s idea and understands the need of such an app. In his turn, Herbert says that this app doesn’t force the kid to answer your texts. But it makes sure they see it. And this is the most important thing.

Image source: pexels