Google Permanently Replaces Gchat with Hangouts


Google will permanently replace Gchat with Hangouts

Google will bring Google Talk (more popular as Gchat) to an end. They decided to replace it permanently with Hangouts. This chatting platform was launched in 2013, and Google users could choose to use both Hangouts and Gchat. Now, they will have to stick to Hangouts.

Switching from Gchat to Hangouts on all devices

Starting June 26th, Google users will no longer be allowed to access Gchat. In the following weeks, they will be notified that the platform is going to close. Then, their accounts will be switched to Hangouts, even if they choose to do so or not.

This comes as Google’s attempt to convince users to switch to Hangouts. They have been trying to do so over the past few years, but now it appears that the change will be drastic. However, the users are not going to experience such a big difference in their chatting experience. There will still be a chatting platform integrated directly into the Gmail service, and all contacts are going to be transferred to it.

Google are not only going to give up on the desktop app. Google Talk for Android, as well as any other apps which were designed to work with the app will disappear. Again, they are going to make the switch to Hangouts and all apps supporting it are going to be functional.

Google offers many messaging possibilities

Do not think that Google is trying to push Hangouts forward and force users to embrace it, as there are many other options for chatting. Google hosts many other messaging apps. So, if you are not a fan of Hangouts, you can choose between Duo, Allo, Android Messages, or Supersonic Fun Voice Messenger.

The latter is interesting and fun to try, as it does not have a keyboard. Also, Allo and Duo are equipped with useful features. Namely, Allo has a file sharing feature, while Duo comes with voice-only calling functions.

If you thought this was enough, Google will surprise you again. They announced that they would take away SMS from Hangouts starting May 22nd. For this feature, users will have to opt to Android Messages, which will now allow group chats or a more advanced photo sharing capability.

Google’s killing off of Gchat might bring some nostalgia in users who remember it as the main chatting app of the past. It might be an attempt to turn their messaging apps into worthy Slack competitors or to improve their services and make them more enjoyable and useful.
Image Source: Flickr