Red Cross Needs More Blood

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The Red Cross needs more blood in summer .

The Red Cross needs more blood during summer, as supplies are low at this time of the year. That’s why they’re looking for donors. Usually donors give less blood in summer, and this affects the blood supply, a communications manager from the Red Cross said.

There is a constant need for blood, all year round. The challenge is a decrease in donations in summer because most people are busy with summer holidays or summer activities, so they’re less inclined to give blood.

As high-school and college students make up 20 percent of the donor group, it’s harder to get them to give blood during summer break. Given blood usually lasts for 42 days however it is quickly used up. Currently, the blood supply depletes almost as fast as the new blood comes in.

There is a report by the Red Cross that found that every two seconds, somebody in the US needs blood or platelets. Local requests have priority, but the blood can be transported across the nation, wherever there is a need.

When tragedy strikes, blood donations often increase. Such was the case of the mass shooting at Orlando nightclub, on June 12th. The communications manager also stated that we don’t need to wait for such tragedies to happen, before acting through blood donation.

People in the community need to remember that the blood that’s already available makes more of an impact at a time of emergency. Patients and doctors need to rely on a robust and resilient blood source. Emergency scenarios may appear throughout the year.

Some patients have complications during labor, some need blood after an accident, while others are kept alive by transfusions, to fight a number of diseases.  Donors have to be at least 17 years old, or 16 if they have a parental agreement. They need to weigh a minimum 110 pounds and be fit and healthy.

Potential donors who are concerned about restrictions can contact the Red Cross for answers. Usually, people believe they are not eligible when they actually are. Recent tattoos and diabetes concern people and make them assume they can’t give blood. It’s always best to check, by discussing your specific situation with the Red Cross.

Donors have three options of donating in July:

1.Blood drive held from 3 – 7:30 p m, on June 30th at Deep Springs Church.

  1. noon-5pm blood drive at Fireman’s training center in Wadesboro
  2. 1:30-6pm at First Baptist Church, in Wadesboro.

Do you give blood? What motivates you to give? Remember, the Red Cross always needs more blood. Leave a comment below!

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