Python Swallows Indonesian Man, Leaving Entire Village in Shock

Huge python

A massive python swallowed whole a man in an Indonesian village

This week, an Indonesian man was swallowed by a python as he was attempting to harvest some palm oil to earn money for his family. Everybody was shocked by the incident, as it seems more like a mystery that pythons can actually swallow prey as big as a person.

Akbar was trying to raise money for his family

Akbar Bin Ramli was only 25 years old. He went out to harvest palm oil, as he had to support his wife and two children. The incident took place in the Central Mamuju Regency, in the village of Salubrio. Villagers reported that the young man had been engaging in farming practices to earn money for his family.

He was planning to bring them back from the town where Muna, his wife, went to give birth to the second child. Then, during a harvesting session, he lost the battle for his life against a huge python, measuring 23 feet.

On Wednesday, the locals discovered Akbar’s body. This unpleasant discovery shook them, as they started being more afraid for their lives. Pythons have always been a danger, but this is the first such incident they have witnessed in many years. The threat is bigger now, as this is the season when people have to work around the territory of the snakes.

Needless to say, people are now afraid to return to the fields and continue harvesting. They are still in shock over what happened to Akbar and they fear that there might be more pythons out there. The last time when they witnessed such a big python in the area was in the 1990s. More often python sightings have actually started occurring when people transformed their natural habitat into palm plantations.

Pythons can swallow whole big prey

On Wednesday, the internet was taken over by several videos of the villagers finding the killer and cutting it open to take the body out. The view was, of course, disturbing, as the python spilled the body out with the clothes still on.

Many people doubted the authenticity of the video. However, the experts insist that it is not fake. Pythons are able to swallow people and digest them, just like any other type of big prey. They also warn that the predator reached out to populated areas because of the massive deforestation that its natural habitat suffered. If we take better care of the environment, no such events should ever occur.
Image Source: Pixabay