What You Should Know About Prostate Cancer Awareness Month

Prostate cancer is making victims every year

Prostate Cancer is one of the most dangerous diseases for men.

Prostate Cancer is one of the most common diseases in American men. However, a few of them know what to do if they want to prevent it. Even if this is a really dangerous disease, it seems that men do not pay the attention they should and sometimes this leads to death. People decided to do the Prostate Cancer Awareness Month, hoping that more men will realize how important is to go the doctor and prevent the disease.

According to the American Cancer Society, people who are 60 years old are more likely to get sick that the younger. Moreover, they are expecting 180 890 cases, and there will more than 20 000 deaths among them. It seems that many people die from this disease, but every human is important and we are talking about thousands of men who are at risk due to prostate cancer.

It is the second cause of cancer death in American men. The first one is lung cancer. There is no surprise that not so many men are interested in their health. Some of them are not aware of the danger, while other are waiting until it is too late to do something.

Prostate cancer starts when cells from the prostate gland are growing our of control. The prostate is a gland found near the bladder and in front of the rectum. Its size is different  because it depends on the age. Young men have it about the size of a walnut, but older people can have it bigger.

There are a lot of reasons why prostate cancer can appear. First of all, our genes are changing and this leads to our cells growing out of control.  Moreover, if you had other cases of prostate cancer in your family, there are more chances that you could have this disease.  It is more common in North America and Europe, while there are a few cases in Asia and Africa.

People who are overweight, eat unhealthy food and had an  STD are at higher risk for having prostate cancer. Of course, every bad habit can lead to cancer so if you are smoking or do not have a diet, you should go more to the doctor. It is better to prevent the disease because it will be more difficult to treat it after. September is Prostate Cancer Awareness month and men should pay more attention to their health.

Image source: Wikipedia