Project Blue Is Seeking Help On Kickstarter

project blue planetary goal

Project Blue created a Kickstarter page that will fund its future blue spots and exoplanets’ search.

Project Blue, the astronomers’ quest of spotting planetary images of the Alpha Centauri double suns is turning to an unexpected source as it started a Kickstarter page that will fund its telescope.

The Kickstarter page will be available until the end of the year or by December 31 and is hoping to literally send an idea into the outer space.

If the Project Blue idea will in fact materialize, it will lead to the production and launching of the first crowdfunded space telescope.

The Project Blue in itself is based on the collaboration of quite a number of scientists and researchers. Amongst its contributors, one can number the Search for Extraterrestrial  Intelligence or SETI Institute, the University of Massachusetts, Lowell and also the BoldlyGo Institute, to number just a few.

Project Blue hopes to improve and advance cosmic discoveries, and the telescope would be one of its major contributors.

The hoped for telescope would come to be used in order to determine the existence of any Earth-like planets in the Alpha Centauri star system and also snap their picture.

The telescope’s Kickstarter page is used so as to present the idea and belief behind the unusual funding source.

According to their description and statement, the project organizers are hoping and relying on the global love and passion for space.

To be more exact, they are hoping to reach one of humanity’s greatest exploration milestones together with the rest of the space enthusiasts that can be found throughout the world.

Project Blue has quite a simple goal, to snap a picture of the orbiting planets that are visible to the naked human eye.

A much sought out pale blue dot may come to represent the existence and presence of either a surface water source or an atmosphere.

The two searched for elements could indicate and are used so as to determine the possibility of finding life-forms on the respective space bodies.

Researchers are hopeful and are already searching for one such first view of another world similar to our planet Earth.

An approximated launching date was set for 2020 and the project has a modest budget. If both of these targets were to be attained, the goal of finding another habitable planet will be increasingly closer and within our reach.

Ever since its release, the Project Blue Kickstarter page has gathered over $15,000 dollars from a number of 94 current backers.

Project Blue and its subsequent Kickstarter page is hoping to reach and hopefully surpass its $1 million goal which will be used towards the telescope’s foundational analysis and design.

Further coronagraph tests, complete designs and their finishing touches, construction costs, and student mission involvement will require additional funding.

Kickstarter estimates that the whole project will come to cost almost $30 million, just as the official project estimates place its costs in between the $10 to $50 million value.

The inexpensive telescope is expected to function for about two years or more and launch sometime in 2019 or 2020.

Image Source: Wikimedia