Princess Cruise Is Facing Its Highest Ocean Pollution Fine

princess cruise ship

Princess Cruise will be facing the highest yet ocean pollution fine coming up to $40 million.

Princess Cruise will be facing the highest yet ocean pollution fine as the Carnival owned cruise lines will be paying $40 million in charges and pleading guilty to seven felony charges.

Princess Cruise is a Santa Clarita, California-based cruise line owned and operated by Carnival Corporation and Plc.

The American/British company, Carnival, which is one of the largest cruise ship operators in the world, is the Princess Cruises second owner. The company was previously a P&O Princess Cruises subsidiary.

Princess Cruise Lines Ltd. has been involved in a lawsuit which claimed that the company has been deliberately polluting the seas it has traveled.

Furthermore, the company has also reportedly instructed its employees as to what to declare, which may also account to perjury.

An Environment and Natural Resources Division of the Department of Justice Assistant Attorney General and Southern District in Miami, Florida U.S. Attorney released a statement about the case.

On Thursday, the two representatives announced that the Princess Cruise agreed to a plea agreement regarding the sea pollution claims.

The company will be receiving the highest ever ocean pollution fine as the company will have to pay $40 million. This is the highest penalty to be received in a criminal penalty deliberate vessel waste pollution case.

As the company will be pleading guilty to the illegal dumping and paying the fine, it will also be facing another set of restrictions.

Eight of the Carnival cruise companies will as such be under an ECP or Environmental Compliance Program supervised by a court for the following five years.

As part of the ECP, the court will appoint a monitor and will request independent audits carried out by outside entities to the companies.

The Princess Cruises have agreed and will be facing charges dictated by their actions carried out in their Caribbean Princess cruise.

The cruise ship, which first set sail in 2004, also visited various United States ports as part of its course.

An investigation concerning the illegal dumping practices of the company was initiated in 2013 following an engineer’s report of the practices.

The investigation was carried out by the United States Coast Guard after receiving information from the Coastguard Agency (MCA) and the British Maritime.

Court reports claim that the Caribbean Princess cruise has been illegally disposing waste since a year after it began operating.

The oily waste is believed to have been disposed of somewhere along the English coast, within their so-called Exclusive Economic Zone.

As the illegal dumping was carried out with the help of bypass equipment, crew members were reportedly instructed to lie about the situation.

In an effort to justify their action and offer a reason for a legitimate discharge, the cruise’s engineers reportedly created false digital records. These digital reports registered the fact that clean seawater had been run through the overboard equipment of the ship.

Various other equipment and methods were used both on the Caribbean Princess and on other of the Princess Cruise ships so as to dump oily waste.

As such, the court has decided the consistent fine, the highest yet to be given in such cases, and has also pointed out the cruise’s poor management.

Image Source: Wikimedia