Prince Tried to Get Help Shortly Before His Death

"Prince Tried to Get Help Shortly Before His Death"

Prince was found dead on the 21st of April in his home at Paisley Park.

A new information surfaced around the death of the  famous rockstar. It appears that Prince tried to get help shortly before his death. Prince was found dead on the 21st of April in his home at Paisley Park. Even though representative have stated that he suffered from dehydration and influenza, his opioid addiction is well known.

The cause of death hasn’t been revealed yet by the authorities who are still waiting for the toxicology report. Unofficially, it is assumed that it might be the case of a painkiller overdose. Officials are also investigating whether the singer’s plane made an emergency landing just one week before his death because he had overdosed.

Prince’s representatives struggled until the end to help him surpass his addiction to painkillers. On the 20th of April, just one day prior to his death, a call was made to Dr. Howard Kornfeld. The doctor runs Recovery Without Walls, a medical clinic specialized in drug addiction, amongst others. Sadly, Kornfeld could not meet with Prince immediately. A discussion regarding the treatment was scheduled for the next day. Howard Kornfeld requested however that a physician from Twin Cities to check-up on the famous musician prior to his arrival.

William Mauzy, the attorney representing Howard Kornfeld, said that Kornfeld sent his son that night to Prince’s home. Andrew Kornfeld arrived at the singer’s home at 9:30 A.M. on the day of his death after taking a flight from San Francisco.

Kornfeld’s son was to explain to the singer how the treatment works. He also had buprenorphine in his possession to give to the Prince. Unfortunately, it was too late. Mauzy stated that it was Andrew Kornfeld who called 911 when Prince was found unresponsive in an elevator. Kornfeld’s son was with two other people at the scene, but they were in too greater shock to make the call. Nineteen minutes after the call, the singer was pronounced dead. Although Prince tried to get help shortly before his death, the singer was found dead in his home at Paisley House on the 21st of April 2016. The rockstar was 57.

The autopsy report is still pending, and officials hope that the toxicology tests will shade light on his death. Prince had access to painkillers, drugs having been found at his home. Because of this, the focus of the investigation became the possible overdose.