Prince Harry Encourages Teens to Look Up from their Smartphones

Prince Harry talking and gesturing

During an event dedicated to teenagers and young people, Prince Harry surprised everyone with an unplanned appearance. While on stage, the royal encouraged young people to “look up from their smartphones” because in this way, they might change the world. The prince appeared during the WE Day convention and in his speech in front of thousands of young people, he harshly criticized this clickbait culture along with fake news.

Prince Harry encourages teens to look up from their screens

He continued by saying that in the world we live today there are too many people who feel like they don’t belong. People who feel very cynical. He admitted that all of us feel scared when we face challenges we don’t always understand. Also, that not everyone has a person to turn to when they are in trouble. Harry said that he knows this young generation wishes to make the world a better place. However, most of the times, they are afraid to speak up because they think their voices won’t be heard.

This is the generation that cares a lot more about the wellbeing of the planet because they are going to inherit it. They care more about this aspect than the people before. This is very important because those young people became frustrated at the thought that people don’t seem to care too much. However, Prince Harry encouraged everyone to refuse pessimism and look ahead with hope.

The Prince is now in Toronto for the Invictus Games he founded back in 2014 for the wounded veterans. The WE Movement is meant to bring people together and Prince Harry knew exactly what to point out in his inspiring speech. In the end, he promised to do everything he can to create a way for young people’s voices to be heard.

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