Prince Harry Has HIV Test Broadcasted Live

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Prince Harry took an HIV test at a London clinic, on Thursday morning

Prince Harry took an HIV test at a London clinic, on Thursday morning. The event was broadcasted live on Facebook. The royal family member got the results back in a minute. It was negative. Harry took the test to help raise awareness about the issue and to show it’s easy to get checked.

For Harry, who went through the finger-prick test at the Burrell Sexual Health Center in London it was a tense moment. The Prince was helped along by Robert Palmer, a psycho-sexual counselor, as he confessed he was “still nervous.”

He also stated that even being who he is and knowing the type of people he is around; he was still nervous. “Which is interesting” – he said.

Waiting for the results to be ready, he asked Palmer what people’s biggest fears are when they come in. Palmer replied it’s the fear of not knowing. He also said that it was his job to keep people well and healthy, even with the disease.

After being told that he was negative, the prince quickly changed gears and said for those watching back home that he thought of the situation as a “life-changing moment.”

He added that no matter if you are man, woman, gay, straight, black, white, or even ginger, you should come and have a test. He wanted to smash the stigma around being tested.

Apparently, the hardest part is getting people to come and take the test. Next week, Harry will go to South Africa to participate in a worldwide conference on HIV and Aids, in Durban.

Sources close to the prince have pointed out that although many strides ahead were made against the disease, the younger generation mistakenly believes the battle is won. Harry apparently wants to follow in the steps of his mother- Princess Diana in tackling issues like HIV and AIDS and be a beacon of hope for younger people throughout the world.

HIV rates in the UK continue to grow despite the progress in treating the illness. One of the biggest issues is that around 17 percent of HIV-positive patients don’t imagine they have it so they can unintentionally pass on the virus to partners.

Around the world, an estimated 17 million people don’t know they have HIV, and this prevents them from getting treatment to enable them to lead healthy lives.

Image Source – Flickr