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A Mother Fights for Her Son’s Healthcare Insurance Under Obamacare

A Mother Fights for Her Son’s Healthcare Insurance Under Obamacare

In the debate regarding the new Health Care bill under the Trump administration, which, voices say, would put 22 million people under non-insurance situation in the next decade, a mom shows how Obamacare helped her fight for her son. Ethan Chandra was born with a rare disorder, called heterotaxy syndrome. She has taken her fight

'Donald Trump'

Trump Lashes Out at Hispanic GOP Governor over her Bad Policies

The presumptive Republican nominee Donald Trump harshly criticized the Hispanic Governor of New Mexico Susana Martinez for the so-called bad political decisions she has taken while in the gubernatorial seat. The criticism was delivered last night in Albuquerque during an hour-long fiery speech. The governor of the most Hispanic U.S. state was not present at

'Donald Trump'

Donald Trump Unveils His Personal Favorite SCOTUS Picks

Donald Trump recently unveiled the names of 11 court judges that in his opinion are the best suited to replace the late Justice Antonin Scalia and boost conservative control over the nation’s top court. After Justice Scalia’s death, President Obama picked Judge Merrick Garland, but the Republican-controlled Senate pledged to veto the nomination and block

Edward Snowden

He will go to prison to come back to the US, says Edward Snowden

A statement has come up from Edwards Snowden that he’s willing to go to prison in order to return to the United States. Edward Snowden is the former US government contractor who have 2 years ago leaked the documents regarding the National Security Agency Surveillance programs and fled to Russia. Snowden said, “I’ve volunteered to