Even US Senators Want Powdered Caffeine Banned

"powdered caffeine"

Coffee is love. Coffee is life. At least for some people, coffee is the only way they can function in the morning. And it’s understandable. Its effects on keeping you alert are very well documented, and the fact that it becomes a habit also gives it the power to affect your body and mind like it does.

Plus, its beneficial effects are also a constant subject of study, as the Ethiopian drink was repeatedly reported to help prevent a wide array of disease, from reducing the chances of developing certain types of cancer to decreasing the risk of suffering from a cardiovascular accident (a stroke or a heart attack).

So, with all the popularity the drink has managed to garner over its very long history, it’s understandable that experts are working on it like on the cure for cancer. There are very high-tech, highly funded facilities all over the world with the singular goal of improving our daily cup of Joe.

But despite the fact that this is a known fact, it’s somewhat strange that people were surprised when a team of scientists developed powdered coffee. Being basically concentrated caffeine essence, the powdered coffee is extremely potent. It’s so potent, in fact that a recommended dose of the powdered caffeine is just one sixteenth of a table spoon. A full tablespoon of the substance is actually the equivalent of twenty-eight cups of coffee.

So it should also come as no surprise that a number of people ingested too much of the caffeine and ended up dying tragically. There were people all over the world that died from caffeine powder overdoses, so now we have multiple parties asking for it to be banned.

Currently, there are motions going on in the United States in which even US senators want powdered caffeine banned, and understandably so. The drink, even though harmless in very, very small quantities, can easily lead to death by caffeine overdose.

One of the main issues is that the companies selling the product so far haven’t been putting proper instructions on the box. This led to the death of a number of US youth, and things got serious. Now, only one of the five companies that were producing the caffeine powder is still making it, with the others being forced to stop, but even the last company has stopped marketing the product.

It might set a very bad precedent to ban a product because people have died because they used it incorrectly, but products have been banned for way less – see Kinder Surprise eggs.

Image source: USA Today