Pope Francis Calls the International Space Station

Pope Francis praying

On Thursday, Pope Francis called the astronauts who are currently on the International Space Station, from Vatican. He spoke with the Italian astronaut Paolo Nespoli for about 23 minutes. He was also the one who translated the conversation for the other five astronauts on board. People were able to watch the entire call on NASA TV and also the official YouTube page of the Vatican.

It was a truly interesting experience, with the pontiff immediately asking the astronauts about their thoughts on the meaning of love and life. Especially considering that they have seem more than the average human. Pope Francis said that their experience with space might have made the astronauts get certain ideas regarding the place humans have in this universe. Having been at the ISS since July, Nespoli answered that it’s not his place to answer such questions because he is a technical person. But maybe, in the future, creative minds like poets or philosophers will travel to space and find an answer to this question.

Pope Francis calls the International Space Station

As for the question regarding the origin of human beings, Nespoli said that we might be here to gather knowledge to find the answer to that question. However, it’s bizarre how the more we learn, the more we realize how little we actually know about what surrounds us. The Pope agreed with the astronaut and continued by asking them about love in connection with what poet Dante Alighieri said in his work Divina Commedia (Divine Comedy).

He also asked about the part of their jobs that brings them the most joy and happiness. Randy Bresnik, one of the astronauts, said that for him it’s impressive to be able to see everything from God’s perspective when he created it.

It’s interesting that back in 2011, Pope Benedict also called the International Space Station and talked with the astronauts.

Image source: wikimedia