Police Releases Shocking Image Of Drug Abuse

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The police decided to release a shocking image of drug abuse

The Ohio police decided to release a shocking image of drug abuse. The image features a grandmother, her friend, unconscious from a heroin overdose. There is also a little boy in the back seat of an SUV. The four-year old’s face was not blurred because police officials want the picture to convey the full story.

He’s been called “the boy who broke America’s heart.” Luckily, he’s found a new home. From now on, he will live with his great aunt and great uncle in South Carolina – according to Court Administrator, Dane Walton.

The boy 50-year-old grandmother – Rhonda Pasek is in custody, as she waits for her trial. She will be accused of public intoxication and endangering a child.

She and her friend, the 47-year-old James Lee Acord were arrested a week ago in East Liverpool, Ohio. The city officials wanted to make an example out of their case by uploading the viral photo of the couple, with the little boy. This was meant to show the dangers of heroin, which acts like a poison.

However, Pasek’s sister felt differently. She said the City of East Liverpool humiliated her family and the little boy. The relative chose not to disclose her identity.

Pasek’s sister also said that she wanted the boy’s face blurred, but that did not happen. Taking him away from her sister was also a wrong act – in her opinion.  She also said that she doesn’t agree with what her sister had done. But she felt that the consequences were far worse than they should have been.

Brian Allen, director of public services and safety for Liverpool did not apologize for the photo which appeared on the city’s Facebook page. He stated that heroin addiction is a national and local problem, so the public has to see what the drug does to those who abuse it and their families.

Allen admits not all feedback has been positive but says most of the opinions welcomed his move.

Pasek’s sister lives in Delaware and looks after the boy’s brother, aged 3. She says Pasek could not manage to raise two kids. Pasek’s sister pointed out she had known about Pasek’s alcohol problems but had no idea about the heroin overdoses.

Image Source – Pixabay