Thousands of Pokémon Sun & Moon Users Receive Bans

Lizard playing Pokémon

The Pokémon Company sent bans to thousands of players who owned hacked Pokémon

Nearly 6,000 of players of the popular game Pokémon Sun & Moon received bans, as reported by Serebii. The players who were banned appeared to possess altered save data.

The Pokémon Company stated that the ban was meant to prevent them from using Game Sync and they could no longer participate to Ratting Battles, Battle Competitions, or Global Missions. This sounds like quite a tough measure.

But what do they mean by altered save data? It means that the players owned hacked Pokémon that were either not meant to be in the game or they were not acquired via the allowed means. The upload of these Pokémon is not in concordance with the user agreement and the players risk to be banned.

In other words, what the ban does is to prevent the players from using most of the online functionality of the game. When the banned players try to enter any of these missions or competitions they are forbidden from, the game displays an error code. Kotaku made it public. It reads: “The connection to the Pokémon Global Link from this saved data has been denied. (Error Code: 090-0212)”.

The Pokémon Company warned that this is not the last time when they will be sending bans. Anyone who owns altered save data is subjected to the same kind of ban without previous warning.

Now many players may be worried, since it is possible to receive a hacked Pokémon via an online trade and all possessors of fake Pokémon will suffer the consequences. However, Kotaku informed the players that the ban is directed only to those who performed the process of hacking, and not those who happen to have acquired an illegal Pokémon through online means.

The majority of the illegal Pokémon found online have been marked as fake and not usable, however there are still a few that need checking. Soon, all illegal Pokémon will be away from the online environment.

The Pokémon Company also needs to check twice before banning users, since some bans have been sent to owners of completely legal and harmless Pokémon.

Players, pay attention to what you trade and how you manage your Pokémon, since you may risk receiving permanent bans that will prevent you from playing your favorite game.
Image Source: Pixabay