Pokemon Go Might Release April Fools Event

Pokeball from Pokemon Go

Pokemon Go might be releasing a special in-game event for April Fools Day

Pokemon Go is renowned for the fact that it held in-game events for widely celebrated holidays. They are not over yet, as the developer Niantic Labs might be considering of creating a special event for April Fools’ Day.

Previously, Pokemon Go celebrated a special in-game event for Valentine’s Day, as well as a Pokemon Day event. This took place in February and the developers introduced certain bonuses that were available for a limited period of time. Now, it seems like players might be enjoying a special event for April Fools.

Some would say that a St. Patrick’s Day event was also highly speculated and, yet, it did not happen. However, an April Fools event is more likely, since this day is celebrated all over the world. Also, until then, there is going to be more than a month until Niantic Labs’ last in-game event.

The history of Pokemon Go

In fact, it seems that Pokemon Go started as an April Fools joke. According to the Reddit panel Origins of Pokemon Go, Tatsuo Nomura, engineer at Google Maps, thought that it would make a great prank to combine Pokemon and Google Maps. Everybody regarded it as a fun idea, and John Hanke, CEO of Niantic Labs, took it and made it big.

Hanke presented the idea to The Pokemon Company (TPC). He suggested that a Pokemon game for mobile devices would be extremely successful. TPC embraced the idea, but with one condition. This game had to be different from any other previous Pokemon versions. Then, Niantic Labs announced their split from Google by using a screenshot from the episode Bye Bye Butterfree. Thus, an April Fools event would make a great celebration of how the game came into being.

Possible upcoming updates

Niantic Labs has been planning to improve the Gym Battle System for quite a long time. Thus, they might release an update at the same time with the April Fools event. Another anxiously expected feature would be Pokemon Training. Players speculated it even when the game first came out, and the developer said they would be working on it.

There is no official announcement of an April Fools event yet. However, Niantic Labs are well-known for the fact that they announce their event only a few days before the release. Thus, there is still time for the official statement to come out.
Image Source: Pixabay