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A year ago, this month, the New Horizons spaceship flew by Pluto.

A year ago, this month,  the New Horizons spaceship flew by Pluto. In doing so, it set a number of records. It was the first probe to encounter the small world on the edge of our solar system. It beamed back images that revealed Pluto’s surface for the first time in history.

The New Horizons mission was also a delivery vehicle for a small stamp that set a record in its own right. The official record for the furthest traveling distance by a postage stamp is 3.26 billion miles.

In 2006, NASA put a stamp on board the New Horizons spacecraft, which was going to visit Pluto and fly beyond.  The historic flyby happened last summer, on July 14th, 2015.

The new record will extend for another billion miles, as NASA announced that the New Horizons mission is traveling to the Kuiper Belt Object, which is thought to be a missing piece of the solar system’s puzzle.

The New Horizons project was proud to set the following records: the fastest spaceship ever launched, the first mission which looked at Pluto’s system, the mission that went to the farthest worlds ever visited and now it sent a postage stamp to the biggest distance from Earth.

The stamp, which cost 29 cents, was issued in 1991, being part of a series of stamps celebrating the exploration of the solar systems, by robots. Designed by Ron Miller, the artwork was based on the little data known about Pluto in 1991 and included the subtitle “Not Yet Explored.”

To celebrate the feat, the United States Postal Service issued a new series of stamps called “Pluto-Explored,” on May, 31st. The stamps show an image of Pluto, as photographed by the New Horizons and an artistic view of the spaceship.

To put all that information in perspective, the Apollo 11 spaceship reached the moon in three days. The New Horizons flew past the moon in only nine hours. This week also coincides with the 47 year anniversary of the Apollo 11 mission, which brought a man to the moon.

What’s your opinion on this stunning new world record? Do you think it will ever be beaten? If so, how? Please leave a comment below!

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